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101 Vector Design Course

101 Vector Design Course

9 Lessons
12 Lessons  - 3 Units
Duration: 2h 10min
Welcome to Vectornator 101! In this beginner’s course, you’ll learn everything there is to know about designing with vectors on your iPad. We’ll start with the absolute basics and slowly build up your knowledge and skills. By the end of these 9 episodes, you’ll be able to visualize anything you can think of.

Course content

We’ll go through each tool, functionality, operation, and gesture in a clear and systematic way. By the end of the course, you’ll hopefully find vector design a lot easier than you initially thought! That’s because Vectornator is the most intuitive and user-friendly vector design software in the world.

We’ll also cover some of the most fundamental design theories and principles, so you’ll know how to choose the right color palettes, how to beautifully organize your elements in a layout, or to draw characters that are full of life.

Plus, in each and every episode we’ll create a fully developed design together, from simple to complex. You’ll be able to see your amazing progress along the way.

This course is split into two parts: beginner and intermediate. Follow the beginner’s course now and practice your new-found skills until the intermediate tutorials are available in January.

Ready to learn while playing with vectors?

What you’ll learn?
  • What are vectors and their uses
  • How to navigate the Vectornator Interface with ease
  • How to use the most important vector tools to create any shape imaginable
  • How to use colors, color effects, and color palettes
  • The most important gestures for faster workflows• Composition and color theory

To begin with, let’s look at our interface. We’ll create our first document together and get you started with your very first design.

We’ll then dive deeper into each tool, one at a time, and explore their possibilities so you can get your ideas going. Once you’ve mastered arguably the most important tools in vector design—the Selection, Shape, Node, Pencil, and Pen Tool—you’ll graduate from beginner to intermediate.

In the intermediate part of the series, we’ll show you how you can use these tools to create finished designs, such as a poster, a sticker pack, a full-fledged character, and a logo.

About the Artist

101 Vector Design Course
Aysel Cebrailoglu

Aysel grew up in Istanbul where she studied and worked as a Product Designer. She then came to Berlin to study Integrated Design and worked as Graphic and UI Designer.

Aysel has been drawing ever since she was a little kid, so pursuing a career in illustration came naturally. During her bachelor studies, she was an assistant in a drawing course, and she also began working at Vectornator. She says, “It’s funny that I ended up creating educational content for illustration and design.”


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