Master the Pen Tool

12 Lessons  - 3 Units
Duration: 2h 10min
By the end of this episode, you'll be comfortable using the Pen Tool and all its features. We'll also cover Masking and how to use it to create this koi fish pond illustration.

Course content

We know. Vector design gets a bad rap because of it. The Pen Tool is a staple vector design tool that might behave funny if you’ve never used it before. But it’s also fantastic for gaining complete precision when drawing.

By the end of this episode, you will be comfortable using the Pen Tool and all its features. It might take time to learn these basics and even longer to master them. But all good things come with practice and the Pen Tool is no exception. And because we know you’re hungry for more, we’re also going to cover Masking to create this serene koi fish pond illustration.

After this class, you’ll have completed the beginner part of this course, so get your iPad ready—we’re going to make it count!

• Pen Tool with all its functionalities

• Learn the different types of nodes

• Learn Pen Tool gestures

• Understand Masking and when to use it

• Reapply all the knowledge you’ve acquired so far

About the Artist

Ep 5 - The Pen Tool
Aysel Cebrailoglu

Aysel grew up in Istanbul where she studied and worked as a Product Designer. She then came to Berlin to study Integrated Design and worked as Graphic and UI Designer.

Aysel has been drawing ever since she was a little kid, so pursuing a career in illustration came naturally. During her bachelor studies, she was an assistant in a drawing course, and she also began working at Vectornator. She says, “It’s funny that I ended up creating educational content for illustration and design.”

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