Create Freeform Shapes

12 Lessons  - 3 Units
Duration: 2h 10min
The Pencil Tool is a beginner's best friend, since using it feels just like drawing on paper. In this episode, Aysel shows you how to draw a cat with fluid vector shapes.

Course content

You don’t have to be a vector expert to create beautiful digital artwork. Ask yourself if you’re using the right tools. Do you feel comfortable drawing with pen on paper, but then vectors seem like a challenging approach? Well, we’re here to change your mind. We have freehand tools that allow you to create powerful vector paths as if you’re drawing on paper. And we’re going to learn one today.

The Pencil Tool is going to be your best friend for the beginning of your design journey. But also for creating shapes with a fluid, organic feel. That’s why we chose to draw cats in this episode. They’re such slinky creatures, so it seemed only natural to pair them with our freeform classic.

• Pencil Tool and path smoothing

• Node work and editing vector paths with the Node Tool

• Refining, refining, refining

• Join vector paths

• Work with both Fill and Stroke, Swap fill, and stroke

About the Artist

Ep 3 - Freeform shapes
Aysel Cebrailoglu

Aysel grew up in Istanbul where she studied and worked as a Product Designer. She then came to Berlin to study Integrated Design and worked as Graphic and UI Designer.

Aysel has been drawing ever since she was a little kid, so pursuing a career in illustration came naturally. During her bachelor studies, she was an assistant in a drawing course, and she also began working at Vectornator. She says, “It’s funny that I ended up creating educational content for illustration and design.”

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